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Looking forward to India Fastener Market

Time:2016-08-16 Author:Jack

During 10th to 12th Aug 2016, our company-jingyang has attended the Fastener Fair in New Delhi, India.

with more than 10 years,running deeper in Local market, we are expected and ready for the most positive fastener market in India.

Since 2004, with the Jingyang Established, we started with Self-clinching fasteners, Top 5 factories in china and with customer qualified products; Jingyang became more and more attractive in the market. 

With 15 years developing, now Jingyang has grown as the group brand.

In 2016, after Mumbai and New Delhi Fastener Fair, Our other products: Cage nuts, Blind rivet and nuts, self-tapping, self-drilling screws, has been hot in the market.

Good news for all, qualified distributors and partners will be welcome to be our local representative.

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